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Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kites

Crow and Rook Bird Control

Crows and Rooks are instinctively afraid of the Peregrine Hawk Kite.


The Hawk Kite is very effective for Crow Control. It has been used for crow and rook control in London, Manchester, Notingham, Bristol and across the U.K. Europe and North America. Crows and Rooks have been congregating in large roosts for as long as they have existed. Crow and Rook roosts can range from small and scattered roosts of under one hundred individuals to large roosts of hundreds of thousands of birds. Most roosts are much smaller, but roosts of tens of thousands are common.


Before heading to roost, Crows or Rooks will congregate in some area away from the final roosting site, usually an hour or two before complete darkness. There the Crows and Rooks spend a lot of time communicating, chasing each other and fighting. When darkness falls the main body of the group will move toward the final roosting spot. Sometimes this movement is quiet, but most often it is very noisy. It has been documented that Crows or Rooks come together from several separate congregation areas, heading to one final staging area, then they all head to the final roost. The final roost can be a cohesive group in a single woodlot, or it can be rather diffusely spread out over quite a wide area of suitable trees.


Once Crows and Rooks have settled on a roosting area they are very difficult to eradicate. One should be most vigilant in stopping the process before they become settled as they will soon become a nuisance.


If you believe you have Crows or Rooks looking to start a roost, you will want to be proactive in applying a Peregrine TM Hawk Kite before they settle permanently. Crow control products from Bird Control Systems deter nosy crow problem birds away from buildings, fields.


The Peregrine Hawk Kite is a self-launching pigeon and seagull-scaring kite.  The combination kits consists of a either a telescopic flexible seven metre pole with a specially designed kite attached to the pole on a high strength line or a 13 metre aluminium pole and line.  It is fixed easily by inserting our tough glass fibre stake into the ground and positioning the pole over the top for the 7 metre hawk kite combination or attaching the kite and line to the 13 metre aluminium pole. – it takes about five minutes to complete installation.


The peregrine Hawk Kite scares crows and rooks off the buildings with little maintenance day and night. They are developed to be silent so they do not both yourself or neighbors! The Peregrine Hawk Kites are made heavy-duty material with strong stitching so they are long lasting. They are hand made in England.


The Peregrine Hawk Kite bird controller is made with the highest quality materials to make it as durable as possible. Unlike many other crow and rook scaring devices Hawk Kite is always changing its pattern of flight. It varies its manifestation by altering its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the wind therefore the crows, rooks and other birds never become accustomed to the kite patterns.


If you’ve got Crows, Rooks, pigeons or seagulls you’ve most likely have ongoing issues with them. These issues will get worse each year as the crows and rooks nest year over year. The Peregrine Hawk Kite is a wise choice for a quick, cost effective relief of the problematic birds.  The bird scaring Hawk Kite is always flying, it is quick and easy to move and very effective.  Takes minutes to put up and seconds to take down.  Can be placed close to the edges of areas where pigeon tend to attack without upsetting any neighbors, as they are silent. When in need of storing the Hawk Kite the 7 metre simple folds down and is stored in it’s original box until needed once again. The 13 metre can also be taken down and stored in its original box in sections.

The Peregrine TM Hawk Kite in flight.

Crow Rook Control U.K scares crows

The Peregrine  TM Hawk Kite is the most effective universal Bird Scarer available.

No hidden costs. £10.50 shipping to most of U.K.!

The Hawk Kite is excellent for crow control and rook control.

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