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Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kites

Pest Control, Landfill Sites & Urban Bird Control

A highly effective Pest Control solution to solve your bird nuisance problems! It is available across the UK, in Europe and North America.

Pest Control Companies, landfill sites and building users use the Peregrine TM Hawk Kite extensively across the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, and across Europe because of its low cost and high success rate. It eradicates birds from buildings and urban areas keeping them clean from bird droppings (faeces) and eliminate the constant nuisance bids can create. 


Such a simple solution to address pest birds and the risks they can pose a business. Whether you have a problem with Pigeons, Seagulls or another type of bird you are in need of bird control for, the Peregrine TM Hawk Kite offers a practical, efficient solution that works right away. 


The Peregrine TM Hawk Kite flies day and night, but was designed to be quiet so there are no night-time noises that might disturb you or close neighbors. Residential users are very fond of the fact that it is so easy to set up and effective.


Rolex Watch Company, Head Office Facilities Manager -Hawk Kites, 7 & 13 m Poles

“We’ve tried many & various manufacturers and have returned to use this particular bird kite due to the build quality and effectiveness. We have a huge variety of bird issues and all have gone away since using this particular manufacturer’s product.”

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Pest Control U.K. Bird Control

The Peregrine TM Hawk Kite in flight.

The Peregrine  TM Hawk Kite is the most effective universal Bird Scarer available.

No hidden costs. £10.50 shipping to most of U.K.

The Peregrine Hawk Kite is used by hotels, businesses and residents across the U.K., Europe and North America. It s used for problem Seagulls, Pigeons and other problematic birds. From Seagulls in Cornwall and Majorca Spain to Pigeons in London and Vancouver Canada, the Hawk Kite is a effective tool for bird control.

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