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The Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kite Bird Scarer

Built to last. Only the highest quality materials are used.

Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kites

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Leeds U.K. Pigeon Control, Seagull Control and Bird Control: Hawk kites are placed throughout Leeds England by pest control companies, private companies and citizens to deter seagulls, pigeons and other birds from landing on their premises. The hawk kite only takes about five minutes to set up and instantly starts to deter the seagulls and pigeons. Falconry without the ongoing cost.


Features Include:

  • 7 metre and 13 metre combination kits.

  • Highly detailed and realistic hawk mimic.

  • Swoops, dives like a real hawk/falcon.

  • Launches and re-launches in the slightest wind.

  • Works in winds from 2mph up to 25 mph.

  • Exploits bird pests' instinctive fear of hawks and peregrine falcons.

  • Does not hurt the birds.

  • Very effective and silent.

  • Easy set up and no running costs.

  • Lightweight carbon-fibre and rip-stop kite.

  • Hawk-Kite is hand made in England.

  • No hidden costs. £10.50 shipping to most of U.K. including Leeds England.

  • Hawk Kite is shipped right away and usually arrives within 2 business days.


Best Western Hotel – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole

“We bought one as our neighbour has one and they have no Seagulls there!  Now we don’t either!”


The Ritz Hotel, London – Hawk Kites and 7m Poles

“This is brilliant, and keeps the Pigeons away effortlessly.  We are most impressed and would highly recommend it.”


Phil Edwards, Site Manager, Deacon Business Park – Hawk Kite and 7m pole

“Just to report that the ‘Hawk’ bird scaring kite we purchased from you last year seems to be working!
…When we put the kite up, the 20+ gulls on roof at present, immediately take to the air and do not land again anywhere on the roof….
..My managers (and everyone who sees the kite) are impressed and consider it was an excellent buy.”


If you live in Leeds, or in the areas of or near Leeds like Horsforth, Bramley, Kirkstall, Armley, Burley, Little Woodhouse, Chapel Allerton, Moortown, Roundhay, Oakwood, Chapletown, Hyde Park, Little London, Holbeck, Beeston Hill, Beeston, Hunslet, Cross Green or any other area in or near Leeds you qualify for £10 shipping on our bird control products. If you would like more information on our bird control hawk kites for bird deterring of seagulls and pigeons, please contact us.


The Peregrine  TM Hawk Kite is the most effective universal Bird Scarer available.

No hidden costs. £10.50 shipping to most of U.K. including Leeds.

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