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Hawk Kite Area Bird Control Coverage


Listed in the tables below are the areas that one 13 Metre Peregrine TM Hawk Kite Combination set and One 7 Metre Peregrine TM Hawk Kite Combination set will each cover.

Area coverage will go up it two or more sets are used together in a figure 8 pattern.


Below these two Peregrine TM Hawk Kite tables is a another table showing the area coverage of one Helikite. If  more area to be covered is needed, a helikite might be the solution for you. Please note that Helikites need helium and are mostly used by farms and landfill sites. The combination of a hawk kite and helikite is very effective for farm and landfill use. Helikites are available through Bird Control Systems Ltd. and it's distributers


The higher up in the air the kite or helikite is, the better coverage it has. 7 Metre Hawk Combinations fly 12 metres (40ft) in the air, 13 metre hawk kite combinations fly 25 metres (82 ft) in the air. Helikites fly 60 metres (196ft) in the air.


7 metre glass fibre poles need to be replaced periodically if used constantly year round with heavy use. 13 metre poles are made of aluminium and will last many years.






Area Covered By One 13 Metre  Peregrine Hawk Kite 

bird control hawk kite

Crop / Use

Acres by one

Hawk Kite

Type of Bird

Use / Crop

Acres by one Hawk Kite

Type of Bird

Rooks / Crows

Emerging Cereals          7.5

Laid Cereals                  7.5

Landfill Sites                 .5 - 3

Farm Buildings              2.5

Pig / Cattle Unites         1 - 2.5

Drilled Maize                 5 - 7.5

Strawberries                 5

Wood Pigeons

Emerging Cereals          10 - 12.5

Oilseed Rape                10 - 12.5

Peas                            10

Young Cabbages           7.5

Beans                          7.5

Laid Cereals                  7.5 - 10

Drilled Maze                  7.5 - 10


Cherries / Fruit Crop      2.5 

Strawberries                 3.5 

Farm Buildings              .5 - 2.5

Cattle Units                  .5 - 1.5

Small Birds

Grapes/Bush Crops   1.5 - 2.5

Strawberries             1.5 - 2.5


Fish Farms                5

Rivers                      200 Metres

Local Geese

Oilseed-Rape           12.5

Grass/ Cereals          10


Fruit Farms              2.5

Rice                        5


Landfill Sites            .5 - 3

Building Sites           1

Migratory Geese

Grass / Cereals         15 - 25


Woodland Edge        .5 - 2.5

U.K. Herons

Fish Farms                5 


Area Covered By One 7 Metre  Peregrine Hawk Kite 

hawk kite

Crop / Use

Acres by one

Hawk Kite

Type of Bird

Use / Crop

Acres by one Hawk Kite

Type of Bird

Rooks / Crows

Emerging Cereals          3.5 -4

Laid Cereals                  3.5 -4

Landfill Sites                 .25 - 1.5

Farm Buildings              1.25

Pig / Cattle Unites         .5 - 1.25

Drilled Maize                 2.5 - 3.75

Strawberries                 2.55

Wood Pigeons

Emerging Cereals          5 - 6.25

Oilseed Rape                5 - 6.25

Peas                            5

Young Cabbages           3.75

Beans                          3.75

Laid Cereals                  3.75 - 5

Drilled Maze                  3.75 - 5


Cherries / Fruit Crop      1.25 

Strawberries                 1.57 

Farm Buildings              .25 - 1.25

Cattle Units                  .25 - .75

Small Birds

Grapes/Bush Crops   .75 - 1.25

Strawberries             .75 - 1.25


Fish Farms                2.5

Rivers                      100 Metres

Local Geese

Oilseed-Rape           6.25

Grass/ Cereals          5


Fruit Farms              1.25

Rice                        2.5


Landfill Sites            .25 - 1.5

Building Sites           .5

Migratory Geese

Grass / Cereals         7.5 - 12.5


Woodland Edge        .25 - 1.25

U.K. Herons

Fish Farms                2.5 


Area Covered By One Helikite

        (for those needing more coverage, sold through Bird Control Systems LTD -Helikites need helium). 

vigilante helikite

Crop / Use

Acres by one

Hawk Kite

Type of Bird

Use / Crop

Acres by one Heli

Type of Bird

Rooks / Crows

Emerging Cereals          15

Laid Cereals                  15

Landfill Sites                 1 - 6

Farm Buildings              5

Pig / Cattle Unites         2 - 5

Drilled Maize                10 - 15

Strawberries                 10

Wood Pigeons

Emerging Cereals          20 - 25

Oilseed Rape                20 - 25

Peas                            20

Young Cabbages           15

Beans                          15

Laid Cereals                  15 - 25

Drilled Maze                  15 - 20


Cherries / Fruit Crop      5

Strawberries                 7

Farm Buildings              1 - 5

Cattle Units                  1 - 3

Small Birds

Grapes/Bush Crops    3 - 5

Strawberries             3 - 5


Fish Farms               10

Rivers                     400 Metres

Local Geese

Oilseed-Rape            25

Grass/ Cereals          20


Fruit Farms              5

Rice                        10


Landfill Sites            1 - 6

Building Sites           2

Migratory Geese

Grass / Cereals        30 - 50


Woodland Edge        1 - 5

U.K. Herons

Fish Farms               10 

A single Hawk Kite coverage in a field.

hawk kite bird control
helikites more information

For more information on Helikites, click on the helikite image. A favorite of farms and landfill sites.

This image is of a typical figure 8 pattern (two hawk kites) that farmers use for more than one hawk kite (or helikite).  This extends the coverage, birds are afraid of going between the hawk kites. It is an effective way of implementing bird control.

hawk kite bird control
hawk kite bird control

Two figure 8 patterns (four hawk kites) that farmers use for more coverage.  This extends the coverage, birds are afraid of going between the hawk kites. 

hawk kite bird control
hawk kite bird control
hawk kite bird control
hawk kite bird control

SPECIFICATIONS Aluminium 13 Metre Pole Suitable for Hawk Kites or Helikites

Height assembled: 13 Metres

Base diameter: 40mm

Collapses down to: 130x4x8cm

Weight: 4 kg

CONSTRUCTION: Ten x 130cm tapered aluminium sections slot into each other to create the mast.

DEPLOYMENT: The sections are slotted together, then it is pushed up by hand and secured. It can be strapped to a solid object such as a fence post or it can be guyed. (Fence post and guy ropes not included) Time to deployment 10 minutes.


SPECIFICATIONS 7 Metre Pole, Glass Fibre (Not for Helikites)

Height assembled: 7 Metres

Base diameter: 30mm

Collapses down to: 114x3x4cm

Weight: 1.5 Kg

CONSTRUCTION: Glass Fibre Telescopic Pole.

DEPLOYMENT: Sections slide into each other (Must only be used with support stake).

  •  Grange Farm Aldeby

 " We are very pleased with the Helikites. We have two that are now in their third winter"

C.E Cannell, England


  • Pigeons On Brassica Crops

 "I have been using Helikites now for six weeks and thought that I would let you know that I am finding them very effective in controlling pigeons on brassica crops. Control seems to be around 15 acres. They have so far deemed themselves more effective than gas guns or other sorts of pigeon control I have." 
 D.J. Dawson, Farm Manager, John Saul Ltd, Lincolnshire, England.


  •  Pigeons On Peas

"Dear Sir, Just a short note to say how pleased we are with the Helikite. It has successfully kept a thirty acre field of peas clear of wood pigeons for the last month - and continues to do so."
J. Letham, R.J. Letham and sons, Berwickshire, Scotland.


  • Starlings Roosting Near Churchyard

"Dear Sir, This is to inform you that we purchased one of your balloons [Helikites] and installed it in the churchyard at our Town Church where there is a very large tree. Each year from about October to March, tens of thousands of starlings roosted overnight in this tree with the consequent problem of their droppings on the grass and on the adjacent road and footpath. To our great surprise, the balloon hovering overhead [it was flown from the church tower] scared these birds away and the tree has been empty since the balloon was installed. The starlings moved to another area of St. Helier where the problem of the droppings is not so important and they will migrate away from Jersey in the next few weeks or so."
J. Gray. Town Surveyor, St. Helier, Jersey


  • Seagulls On Landfill Site

Duncan Newall and Richard Taylor, site managers for U.K. Waste, a division of Waste Management Inc. have been using Helikites and rockets to scare birds off landfill sites since 1993 and say " We find the Helikite very good at keeping seagulls away once the rockets have dispersed them and would certainly recommend them for other landfill sites with bird problems." 
Waste Management Institute Journal


  • Imperial Wharf Marina – Hawk Kite and 6m pole

“Doing a grand job on seagulls, we are very pleased.” , “Working very well, works a treat!”


  • The Ritz Hotel, London – Hawk Kites and 6m poles

“This is brilliant, and keeps the pigeons away effortlessly.  We are most impressed and would highly recommend it”


  • AJ Howe Field Maintenance – 2 x Hawk Kites and 6m poles

“Works brilliantly..”


  • Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth – Hawk Kite and 13m and 6m poles

“we are very pleased with the Hawks, and lots of people see it flying and ask where they can get one from.  We are very happy to recommend them to Allsopp Helikites!”


  • Grundon Waste Management – VX Vigilante Helikite

“Doing a grand job!”


  • Paul Willey, Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing – Hawk Kite and 6m Pole

“extremely impressed and pleased.  No seagulls for 3 weeks now!  I am going to contact

the local newspaper to suggest doing an article on its [Hawk Kites] success as there are so many seagulls in this area”


  • Phil Edwards, Site Manager, Deacon Business Park – Hawk Kite and 6m pole

“Just to report that the ‘Hawk’ bird scaring kite we purchased from you last year seems to be working!
…When we put the kite up, the 20+ gulls on roof at present, immediately take to the air and do not land again anywhere on the roof….
..My managers (and everyone who sees the kite) are impressed and consider it was an excellent buy..”


  • Hill Farm, Assington, SudburyVX Vigilante Helikite

“ We are most impressed, the kite is fantastic at its job.  We have it on a 40acres oblong field on top of a hill and it keeps the pigeons away!”


  • John Everett, The Dove Pier,  London – Hawk Kite and 6m pole

“It does a good job, and when people comment to me or ask me about it, which happens a lot, I always recommend it.  I am very pleased with it!”


  • Julie Howell, The Enterprise Barge – Hawk Kite and 6m Pole

“I find the Hawk Kite to be doing a good job”


  • Mrs Potter, Nottingham – VX Vigilante Helikites

“The farm is getting covered with Helikites because they are doing such a good job!”


  • Royal Guernsey Golf Club – Hawk Kite and 6m Poles

“Very, very effective.  Keeps the gulls away, very good!”


  • Tom Wrinch, OE Wrinch & Sons – VX Vigilante Helikite

“…great success.  Your kite is the only thing that keeps the geese off the crops!  And the neighbouring fields are being stripped bare as they use other types of scarers!”


  • Bill Wendover, USA – VX Vigilante Helikite

“I bought my kite 10 years ago, and this product is very good,  I like it very much!”


  • Clives Fruit Farm – VX Vigilante Helikite

“Working well.”


  • John French – Hawk Kite & 13m pole

“Your Hawk Kite is a vital component in the defence against pigeons and I have had years of faithful service from it..”


  • Best Western Hotel – Hawk Kite and 6m Pole

“We bought one as our neighbour has one and they have no seagulls there!  Now we don’t either!”


  • M Oldaker – Lightweight Helikite

“This is a wonderful invention, thank you”


  • Marina Developments, Southampton – Hawk Kite and 6m Pole

“The Hawk Kite has proved to be very effective against seagulls.”


  • Rolex Watch Company, Head Office, Facilities Manager -Hawk Kites, 6 & 13 m Poles 

“We’ve tried many & various manufacturers and have returned to use this particular bird kite due to the build quality and effectiveness. We have a huge variety of bird issues and all have gone away since using this particular manufacturer’s product.”


In scientific trials, Helikites and traditional kites have always outperformed other birdscarers when flying high over crops. 

University Field Trials
In 1981 and 1982 at Reading University, Fazlul Haque.A.K.M. and Broom.D.M. showed that traditional delta kites gave virtually 100% control of pigeons on spring cabbages when operated with dedication. They state, "Damage in fields with a gas banger exceeded that in fields with a kite, especially in severe winter weather."


                                  1981 (Mild winter)                                    1982 (Severe winter)

                                 Unprotected     Banger     Kite                    Unprotected       Banger     Kite

% Severe damage       14.7                1.3           0.6                     14.7                  14.7        1.3

The damage done to the kite field occurred only when the kite could not be flown. The two scientists also tried humming line but found it to be ineffectual. 

They summarise by saying:
"Our extended trial in 1982 suggested that pigeons do not habituate to a kite over periods of at least three months and hence it seems that a kite can be a better means of controlling woodpigeon damage." 

It was obvious from this trial that the limitation of traditional kites for bird control was not their ability to scare birds, but rather their inability to stay in the air for long and their need for frequent re-launching. This is why the first Allsopp Helikite was invented in 1993. Helikites fly in no wind and relaunch themselves automatically after rain. This greatly extends the time possible for bird-control and almost eliminates maintenance. 

European Field Trials. In 1998 a European Community trial was done in Ireland comparing all methods of bird control. The bird problem there is so acute that winter peas had been virtually abandoned and pigeon damage alone halved Irelands potential pea tonnage for many years. Helikites proved to be the most reliable birdscarer. 

Their summary states: 
"The Allsopp Helikite was found to be highly effective in reducing pest damage in two studies carried out by the Kildare Pest Control Group in Ireland. The Helikite was installed on two sites; 9 and 2.5 hectare fields of combining peas. Prior to installation, the incidence of pigeons was monitored at a constant average of approximately 9 pigeons per hectare. This was reduced to zero by the presence of the Helikite at both sites. During the 25 and 28 day intervals respectively between installation of the Helikite and the harvesting of the crop, no habituation to the device was observed at either site." 

Winter peas are now being successfully grown in Ireland protected by Vigilante Helikites.



No hidden costs. 

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