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Birdscarers, Bird Scarer, Bird Repellents and Deterrents

Birdscarers, Bird Scarer, Bird Repellents and Deterrents


A bird scarer can be any one of a number of devices used by pest control or bird control specialists or farmers to dissuade birds from an area. This can be because the birds need to be controlled from an area or have been eating an arable crop.


The birdscarers are used regularly by landfill, marine and urban specialists to deter seagulls, pigeons and other birds in a safe and humane fashion.


There are many types of birdscarers on the market such as visual and auditory scarers. The most effective bird control devices use visual characteristics that mimic predatory birds and evoke responses within the bird causing it the flee the area in which the bird control device is deployed.


Visual Bird Control Scarers



We all know of the Scarecrow, it is one of the oldest bird scareres known and it mimics the shape of a human figure. Although this idea has been tried over many years, it never was proven to be very effective.



The helikite birdscarer is a combination of a helium balloon and kite that flies up to 200 feet in the air with or without wind. The helikites do not look like hawks or falcons but hover overhead high in the air behaving like a bird of prey. Helikites have been very successful with farmers as they helikited exploit the pest birds’ instinctive fear and can protect very large areas of land. The helikite is ideal for farms and landfill areas. Helikites can be ordered through Bird Control Systems Lt. of Fordingbridge U.K.


Hawk Kite Bird Control Scarers

Most birds are naturally afraid of the Peregrine Hawk Kite bird controller as it mimics the peregrine falcon. They are designed to fly from poles and in the wind the hover above the field they are protecting. In the last few years Pest Control, Bird Control and Urban users to deter problem birds such as seagulls and pigeons with great success have used these Peregrine Hawk Kites. The hawk kite system is very effective for bird removal. These bird scarers are used throught the U.K from controlling seagulls and pigeons in London, Cornwall, Birmingham, Leeds and exeter to Glasgow Scotland, Dublin Ireland and Vancouver Canada.


Auditory Bird Control Scarers


Auditory bird scareres use noise stimulation that makes birds feel uncomfortable and temporarily can deter a bird from a small area. However, once the birds realize that these auditory bird scarers pose no realistic threat they soon return. If the auditory bird scarer is not modified regularly or used as part of a larger bird control system they can be ineffective. If the auditory bird scarer is use in a larger bird deterrent system it can deliver quality results.


Propane Cannons

Propane cannons can be a short-term effective solution for bird control but shortly after being introduces they generally become ineffective. Other issues are the loud explosions they produce causing grief for and neighboring farmers and can not be used near residential areas.


No hidden costs. £10.50 - £12.50 shipping to most of U.K.

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