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How to Stop Birds from Roosting

How to Stop Birds from Roosting

Prevention of Birds,stopping birds from roosting in backyards and at households.

How do I stop Seagulls?

How do I stop Seagulls?

How to stop seagulls from roosting, Prevention and deterring seagulls from households and from roosting on building tops.

How do I stop avian birds.

How do I stop avian birds.

Bird Preventions, how to stop birds from roosting at your house? In England for birds like seagull control and pigeon removal.

Preventions Controls, How to

Preventions Controls, How to

Bird Prevention Controls England, Birds How to do it yourself, Bird Prevention! Control Systems manufactures the famous Peregrine Hawk Kite that is used throughout Bristol England, the U.K. and Europe. Highly effective in U.K. for seagull removal, pigeon removal and bird removal.

How do I Prevent Birds myself?

How do I Prevent Birds myself?

How do I Prevents Birds from coming back? Birds Control Falconry kites by Peregrine Hawk kites fly all day and night. Ideal protection from birds seagulls and pigeons day and night.

How Do I Stop Birds? Prevention of Birds 

The Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kite Bird Scarer

Built to last. Only the highest quality materials are used.

How Do I Prevent Birds From Coming Back?

How do I Prevents Birds from coming back myself?


The Peregrine Hawk Kite will deter seagulls, rooks, crows, pigeons and sparrows from returning. A low cost solution for issues with birds.


Features Include:

  • 7 metre and 13 metre combination kits.

  • Highly detailed and realistic falcon mimic.

  • Swoops, dives like a real falcon/hawk.

  • Launches and re-launches in the slightest wind.

  • Works in winds from 2mph up to 25 mph.

  • Exploits bird pests' instinctive fear of hawks and peregrine falcons.

  • Does not hurt the birds.

  • Very effective and silent.

  • Easy set up and no running costs.

  • Lightweight carbon-fibre and rip-stop kite.

  • Hawk-Kite is hand made in England.

  • No hidden costs. 

  • Hawk Kite is shipped right away and usually arrives within 2 business days.


Best Western Hotel – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole

“We bought one as our neighbour has one and they have no Seagulls there!  Now we don’t either!”


The Ritz Hotel, London – Hawk Kites and 7m Poles

“This is brilliant, and keeps the Pigeons away effortlessly.  We are most impressed and would highly recommend it.”


Rolex Watch Company, Head Office, Facilities Manager

-Hawk Kites, 7 & 13 m Poles 

“We’ve tried many & various manufacturers and have returned to use this particular bird kite due to the build quality and effectiveness. We have a huge variety of bird issues and all have gone away since using this particular manufacturer’s product.”


The Peregrine  TM Hawk Kite is the most effective universal Bird Scarer available.

No hidden costs. 

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