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Bird Control for Marinas


Marinas and bird control deterrent products. 
Marinas have always had issues with pesky birds causing problems with leaving faeces, constantly making noise, attacking people and scattering garbage. A quick solution to this is placing Peregrine Hawk Kite bird deterrents around the marina. Peregrine Hawk Kites scare away not only seagulls but also pigeons, starlings, geese and many other birds that cause issues.

Marinas throughout the UK, including Scotland and Ireland had used the Peregrine Hawk Kite for years. From small independent marinas to HM Navel bases, users have used the hawk kite with great success. 
If you would like more information or would like to discuss your situation, please feel free to contact us at Bird Control Systems Ltd.


Imperial Wharf Marina – Hawk Kite and 7m pole
“Doing a grand job on Seagulls, we are very pleased. Working very well, works a treat!”


Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth – Hawk Kite and 13m and 7m poles
"We are very pleased with the Hawks, and lots of people see it flying and ask where they can get one from.  We are very happy to recommend them to you!”


Marina Developments, Southampton – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole
“The Hawk Kite has proved to be very effective against Seagulls.”

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