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Irritape is a brightly flashing and rattling mylar strip. It is a simple but useful startle-reaction birdscarer for localised areas such as buildings, doorways, fences, gardens, small trees etc. Irritape bird repellent reflective mylar foil tape is used widely for homes, gardens, farm fields, barns, stables, vineyards, garages, loading docks, hangars, marinas, docks, warehouses.

Simply tie it near the area to be protected and the slightest wind will cause it to move and scare the birds. It is very inexpensive and sometimes it is the only product that can be easily deployed.Repel birds holographically. Irri-Tape bothers all of a bird's senses. As a visual scare, birds are scared by the material's sheen.



irritape bird control scaring deterrent
Irritape to scare sparrows and pigeons used outside


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