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Milluck AB is a Malmö company specializing in bird and pest control products. Milluck AB strives to provide alternative non-chemical products of high quality and effective products to the Swedish region.  Having a extensive experience in the pest area Milluck AB is always working actively to find your new options and provide the best solution and service for your needs.


Swedish consumers have turned to Milluck AB for years to supply them with hawk kite bird scaring and repellent devises for many years with great success. Having specialized bird control experts Milluck AB can offer solutions for Urban Pest Control as well as Industrial, Agriculture and Horticulture, Marine and Landfill purposes.


For more information about Peregrine Hawk Kite bird scaring devises for Sweden, please contact Milluck AB.



Milluck AB

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Secronic Technology


Secronic Teknikprodukter was founded in 1998 and has as main activity retail and installation of security products in areas such as personal security, security for home, office and property and pest control.


Secronic Teknikprodukter strives as far as possible to make our customers satisfied by a serious commitment, professional service and quality products..



Secronic Teknikprodukter

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Bird Control Products Sweden

Sweden Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.

A highly effetive birdscaring device for Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.






Department of Conservation , Sweden
18 Lightweight Helikites used in Summer 2016 
“The Helikites work very well. We use them as barriers in the air to disrupt cranes and geese approaching crops at risk of damage.
They are a tool that are quiet and do not disturb residents in the area, which is important in our management not to do.
Weighing hardly anything they are easy to use. We highly recommend them.”