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Bird Control Products U.S.A

U.S.A Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.

A highly effetive birdscaring device for Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.





Bird Removal Device Bird Scarer

Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kites


Falcon Crop Protection, Exclusive Dealer for U.S.A

PO Box 2130 Healdsburg

CA 95448

Tel 415 789 5007



Testimonials for Falcon Crop Protection users:


"Well I am confident that we had damage as you have witnessed prior to putting up the Falcon Protection scare kites. After deployment tha damage appreared to cease and as evidenced by the dired up bird damage. I would say they were very effective!"

Scott J Welcher, General Manager, Winery Operations and Viticulture

Opolo Wines



"Over the years I have tried all of the current offered solutions to bird damage in the vineyard. I have tried sound device, netting in the fruiting zone, netting the entire canopy and nothing has provided an acceptable solution to the problem


This season at verasion I installed two of your kites in my 5 acre vineyard and there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of finches and starlings virtually eliminating all bird damage."

Dave Crockett

Dirt Farmer and Co.


"The Falcon Kite is performing better than we expected. Still looking good, the only thing we upgraded was the base, we have strong winds here so we made it a little more permanent. We can see a difference with the birds even being away from teh parking lot.


Can you remind me of a price? We might want to add one on the other end of the vineyard"

Lino Ramos,

Director of Facilities

Sonoma Raceway




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