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Bird Control Products U.K.

U.K. Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.





Bird Control Systems Ltd. a division of Allsopp Helikites Ltd.
Bird Control featuring Hawk Kite and Helikite Bird Scarers.

Highly effective for Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.

Bird Control Systems Ltd. of the United Kingdom develops advanced bird scarers that are environmentally safe and harmless to birds and we can deploy them to solve any type of bird control problem: pigeons, geese, gulls, sparrows, starlings, crows etc. 

Bird Control Systems Ltd. have developed bird control products including the Hawk Kite and the innovative Helikite hybrid kite balloon for all situations. Bird Control Systems’ Aerial Bird control uses a very effective deterrent method to repel birds, reducing damage and improving work environments 

When bird scaring you need to employ different bird control / deterrent techniques whether in urban, rural, agriculture, airports, landfill or roof locations.


Situations: Bird Control provides solutions for landfill and airports, agricultural fields / fruit farms / orchards / vineyards and outbuildings, urban locations including office blocks, sports centres, football grounds, hotels and factories in towns and cities

Birds Controlled: Our bird scarers are good for large birds like pigeons, seagulls, geese and rooks also small birds like starlings and sparrows, blackbirds, finches etc.


Sandy Allsopp studied zoology at Reading University, he worked for many years as an Agronomist, learning much about the damage birds do to farm crops. 

Sandy Allsopp is the creator of the famous Helikite which he markets through his company Allsopp Helikites Limited, as well as the inventor of a number of other devices specifically designed to be used in various bird problem control situations.


An effective bird control program can save homeowners, companies and property owners a significant amount of money annually by preventing infestation. It also prevents property damage and reduces liabilities associated with spread of disease, and eliminates costly cleanup bills.


Pest birds and unwanted critters can cause significant stress and expense.  Not only do they potentially cause property damage, but even more significantly birds and their droppings can pose a serious health and safety concern.  There are a wide variety of solutions available to address this issue, however a 21st century approach to bird control should be humane, eco-friendly, safe and effective.  The Peregrine Hawk Kite is an essential component in a responsible bird control program. Bird Control Systems Ltd. of the U.K. are industry leaders providing humane and effective bird control products and bird repellents designed to solve nearly any bird  pest problem.


For over twenty years, Bird Control Systems has been a leader in the bird control and pest control products that are used throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. Bird Control Systems products are deployed in London, Cornwall, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Canada, U.S.A. and throughout the world.


Peregrine Hawk Kites effectively controls birds and repels them from crops, orchards, dairies and livestock. All Bird Control Systems Products are made with pride by hand in the United Kingdom.


Bird Control Systems has already sent its products around the U.K. including: Aberdeen, Armagh, Bangor, Bath, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Chester, Chichester, Coventry, Derby, Derry, Dundee, Durham, Edinburgh, Ely, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hereford, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lichfield, Lincoln, Lisburn, Liverpool, City of London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newport, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Perth, Peterborough, Plymouth, Preston, Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Swansea, Truro, Wakefield, City of Westminster, Winchester, Wolverhampton, Worcester, and York.


Bird Control Systems Ltd. ships worldwide.




Bird Control Systems Ltd. 

Unit 1, Fordingbridge Business Park

Fordingbridge, Hampshire

United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1425 654967



Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kites

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