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Peregrine Pro Bird Scare Kite_edited.png

 Peregrine Pro Hawk Kites 
Professional bird deterrents that scare Seagulls and Pigeons away from rooftops
and gardens instantly.
Kite on pole that takes a less than 5 minutes to install.
Peregrine Pro kites are handmade in the UK.

Peregrine ProTM  Hawk Kites

From the World's Leader in

Bird Scare Kites for over 20yrs.

Bird Control Systems Ltd. U.K.


  Scares off most birds in a safe & humane manner. The most effective bird scarer available.


Made in the UK

This handmade kite is manufactured in the UK and designed for one purpose; to mimic a peregrine falcon flying in attack mode. This bird removal kite flies very aggressively,  its maneuvering is intimidating to birds, scaring them away quickly, unharmed, and with little cost.

Free anti-tangle spinning top is now included with every 6.25 and 13 metre Peregrine Pro aluminium pole kit !

Custom made pole, heavy duty and light in weight.

World famous, most effective bird scaring kite available.

Horticulture, Bird Control, Hawk Kites, Pest Control

The Peregrine Hawk Kite - a proven choice.  Thousands have been deployed with amazing success around the globe, deterring birds from horticulture and agriculture areas.

Fisheries and Farming Bird Control, Hawk Kites, Bird Control

The Peregrine Hawk Kite birdscarers are used extensively throughout the United Kingdom and North America to protect precious food crops.

Homes and Gardens Bird Control, Residential Bird Control

Scare birds away from your garden. Garden netting is not needed with the Peregrine Hawk Kite bird scarer.

Not a bird trap, a bird deterrent.

Urban, Landfill, Pest Control, Hawk Kites for Bird Control

The Peregrine Hawk Kite is very popular with Pest Control Companies, and Landfill sites in England and throughout the world as a bird control scarer and deterrent.

The Peregrine TM  Hawk Kite bird deterrent was developed by Bird Control Systems Ltd. of the U.K. over twenty years ago for Pigeon Control and Seagull Scaring. It has been the first choice bird scarer of Bird Control & Pest Control professionals ever since.

The Peregrine TM Pro Hawk Kite birdscarer is now available direct to consumers from Bird Control Systems Ltd. in the United Kingdom and its' worldwide distributors.


Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite Features Include:
  • 5, 6.25, 7, and 13 metre combination kits.
  • Highly detailed and realistic hawk mimic.
  • Swoops, dives like a real hawk/falcon.
  • Launches and re-launches in the slightest wind.
  • Works in winds from 2mph up to 25 mph.
  • Exploits bird pests' instinctive fear of hawks and peregrine falcons.
  • Does not hurt the birds.
  • Very effective and silent.
  • Easy set up and no running costs.
  • Lightweight carbon-fibre and rip-stop kite.
  • Hawk-Kite is hand made in England.
  • No hidden costs. 
  • Shipping Worldwide.


Rolex Watch Company, Head Office, Facilities Manager
Hawk Kites, 7 & 13 m Poles 
“We’ve tried many & various manufacturers and have returned to use this particular bird kite due to the build quality and effectiveness. We have a huge variety of bird issues and all have gone away since using this particular manufacturer’s product.”
The Ritz Hotel, London
Hawk Kites and 7m Poles
“This is brilliant, and keeps the Pigeons away effortlessly.  We are most impressed and would highly recommend it.”
Marina Developments, Southampton
Hawk Kite and 7m Pole
“The Hawk Kite has proved to be very effective against Seagulls.”
Best Western Hotel – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole“We bought one as our neighbour has one and they have no Seagulls there!  Now we don’t either!”
Department of Conservation,  Sweden
18 Lightweight Helikites used in Summer 2016 
“The Helikites work very well. We use them as barriers in the air to disrupt cranes and geese approaching crops at risk of damage.
They are a tool that are quiet and do not disturb residents in the area, which is important in our management not to do.
Weighing hardly anything they are easy to use. We highly recommend them.”

Easy to install, no maintenance costs,

highly effective!

No hidden costs. £10.50 -£12.50 shipping to most of U.K.!

Extra strong flying Line. Will Not Break.

Made from a sepecific colour of rip-stop material. Can be used in winds up to 25 mph.

Flexible wings that adjust to wind speed from 2 mph to 25 mph. Silent while flying.

Carbon Fibre Rods for strength.

100% British Handmade Kite. Only the highest quality materials are used. Full size kite enables flight in very low winds.

Design features that make the kite dive and swoop like a real paregrine falcon.

Do you want to learn more about the pesky bird causing you problems?

Pigeons, Pigeon Problem, Pigeon Control
Pigeon Control
Seagulls, Seagull Problem, Seagull Control hawk kite bird control
Seagull Control
Crows, Rooks, Crow Problem, Bird Control, crow control
Bird Control

Click on the Pigeon, Seagull or Crow for more information on these specific birds. The Peregrine Hawk Kite also works for:

Cormorants, Sparrows, Herons, Geese and Rooks!

The only known bird the kite is not effective on is a Swallow.

Highly effective Seagull Control, Piegeon Control and Crow Control.

All hawk kites must be taken down in winds over 25mph when using a glass fibre pole or 40mph with aluminium poles.

Hotels, businesses and residents use the hawk kite across the U.K., Europe and North America. It is used for problem Seagulls, Pigeons and other problematic birds. From Seagulls in Cornwall, U.K, Majorca, Spain and Vancouver, Canada to Pigeons in London and in the U.S.A.. The Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite is a proven, cost effective tool for bird control. Humane Seagull Control and Pigeon Control.

crop protection by Hawk Kite bird scarer
hawk kite on a pole birdscarer
6.25 Peregrine Pro kit.png
Kits are available with heavy duty aluminium poles or glass fibre poles.

Unlike netting, traps, spikes and gels, the Peregrine Hawk Kite bird scarer does not hurt the birds whatsoever. This bird deterrent is effective on building rooftops, for marinas, landfills, houses and keeping birds away from the garden. This hawk kite bird repellent is safe and humane, it does not hurt the birds while repelling them.

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