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Silent Rotating Mirror Bird Scarer 


  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Gardens

  • Arable Crops

  • Sports Fields

  • Lawns

  • Vineyards

  • Buildings

  • Fishponds 

  • Boats

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  • Blinding Mirrors

  • Moving Terror Eyespots

  • Pigeon Alarm Markings


Useful for deterring the following Birds:















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Spins in the Slightest Breeze to Peacefully Scare Birds Away No Noise
No Maintenance
No Running Costs
Neighbour - Friendly
No Batteries - No Gas
Easy to Set Up and Move 
Works in Sunshine and Shade 
New Patented Design Large mirrors angled to catch the sun - Immense Flash!
Robust and rust-proof construction for Years of Service.
Hardened steel onto glass needle bearing construction with four fold symmetry
ensure ultra low wind turning, performance and reliability. Designed and made in Britain.


The highly popular Flashman silent rotating mirror bird scarer is about half the price of many other comparable flashing scarers. It has four large, indestructible, variably angled mirrors that turn in the wind to reflect sunlight onto crops or ponds in a way that is disturbing to birds. Two of these mirrors create multi-coloured holograms to confuse the birds. The Flashman also has rotating eyespots and white pigeon alarm markings for added effect in dull weather. They are very useful against cormorants and herons on lakes or ponds and can be used in large numbers on farmland.

The Flashman requires no batteries or daily maintenance and it can be easily set high above the crop on a pole for maximum bird scaring coverage. The Flashman`s turning action is wind powered. Unlike some wind powered scarers such as the old “Flash Harry” that require considerable wind to get them moving, the new Flashman has a unique hardened steel needle onto glass bearing that enables the lightweight mirrors to move in the slightest breeze imaginable. The patent pending Flashman design is so sensitive that even thermals will rotate it which means that there is hardly a moment when it is not moving. Yet the design and materials are also tough enough to withstand very high winds. Constructed of high quality glass-fibre, stainless steel and UV resistant poly-carbonate, it can be left unattended for as long as required, and will turn even if not standing perfectly vertical.

Like all mirror scarers its action is based on a short-term, startle reaction scare that gives a useful effect on wild pigeons over two to three acres for about three weeks before habituation may start to occur. The variability in turning rates caused by changing wind conditions are considered to enhance bird control compared to motorised mirror scarers, and with no battery or gas to recharge there is no downtime. It is an excellent partner to the Helikites as it can be put in places Helikites cannot fly such as under pylons, or when the weather is unsuitable for Helikites. Its bright flash has also been found to be a useful deterrent to fish eating birds such as herons or cormorants as the strong, repetitive flashes seem to make it difficult for the birds to spot their prey. For high pressure bird problems over large arable areas, Helikites are more powerful and cost effective, but for lower pressure situations over smaller areas or for pond protection the Flashman is perfect. It is about one half the price of many other flashing scarers so it will be twice as fast to provide the all-important financial return to the farmer.

  Protected by Patent No. GB2350407.

Each Flashman Kit contains:

2 x Corrugated Plastic Blades 
6 x 600mm Wires 
2 x 400mm Wires 
2 x Glass Fibre Rods (1 with tape, 1 with rubber hose)
1 x Aluminium Ferrule 
4 x Mirrors (2 Square, 2 set at an Angle) 
1 x Construction Kit (8 small screws, 8 large screws, 4 plastic brackets, 1 masonry nail, 1 rubber block small hole, 1 rubber block large hole).


If you buy 5 at the same time you are only charged for 4.

Flashman Bird Scarer by Bird Control Systems
Bird Deterrent for Pigeons and Seagulls, Flashman
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